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10 things every stylish living room needs

Posted by Paul Zhang on

Given how often you are likely to invite other people, such as family and friends, into your living room, you should naturally be concerned with making sure that it looks great. That can be much easier said than done, but here are a few straightforward ideas to start with.


Somewhere to keep your books


Whatever your favourite writers, whether they include Dickens, Austen, Kipling or anyone else, The Huffington Post advises having a special area to keep “a few choice titles that complement your style”. One of the bookcases that we offer could really come in useful here.


Lengthy decoration for the window


Attach long curtains for framing your living room window and you could be pleasantly surprised by how much height is added to the room’s appearance.


An attractive table decorated with essentials


Putting vital items on a nice table can ensure that they are readily accessible when you need them. Items that we would especially recommend putting there include vases, trays, and favourite books.


Pleasant decoration on the walls


Don’t just leave those walls bare! There are plenty of nice things that you could place on them. Obvious choices would be photos of friends and family, but don’t overlook the possibility of attaching artwork or a mirror, maybe even one from our stock, either.


A bit of colour that is especially eye-catching


If an abundance of neutral colours in your living room is making it look a little dull, you could liven it up by adding a bit of a more vibrant hue.


A lick of paint on the walls


While you could add more colour to the room by, say, placing objects on shelves, you could find occasions when applying paint to the walls is the only real way forward. It’s ultimately your decision which colour of paint you go for, however.


A side table for use on special occasions


While we have already mentioned having a table for placing essential items on, you could also arrange for a side table on which you would put objects that you could temporarily require for particular times, like when you are sat on the sofa while watching a film.


A shelf with some personal touches


Why not set aside some space on a shelf, perhaps one on a bookcase, for displaying some pieces that are very “you”? Whether you choose to display photos, toys, miniature car models or anything else, it could make a positive impression on a lot of visitors.


A table lamp


If you can’t get a lot of natural light into your living room, one good idea could be bringing in a table lamp – or, indeed, several – for brightening the space. From our online store, you could also buy a special table for placing that lamp on.


A suitable seating arrangement


Take account of your living room’s space and function as you consider how to arrange the seating in it. The way you have placed that seating could, right now, be rather slapdash – so, now’s a good opportunity to rethink it.


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