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Retailers Profit Margins And Our Stated Save Prices

Posted by Andrew Hiley on

Of an evening I always like to keep a check of the market and have a look around the web and sometimes whilst knowing what furniture retailers profit margins normally are I still get amazed sometimes!

Whilst as we know they have different overheads to cover and normally rule of thumb is the bigger the store the larger the overhead and the benefit of our web store is that you cut out all that overhead and profit margin as you order directly from the factory, but sometimes I'm left amazed still. I have to share this one with you, as I can't contain myself in shock.

Our Lisbon Oak 2 plus 2 chest that we sell direct from our manufacturing operation in Dalian we sell direct at just £198.

Fantastic range in 100% solid oak and as you can see our price £198 stating you save £131.

Now that's based on the lowest price we see it in the retail stores to demonstrate what you do really save by ordering from the factory direct.

Although we could actually state a far higher saving, take a look yourself, by clicking the link below

As you can see the exact same piece of solid oak furniture selling at £465, that's £267 difference!

Just on one chest of drawers!

So where you see our advertised " save price " always remember its for the lowest retail price we have discovered the product at.

Another fine example as to why order direct through our web store and as we say can save you hundreds to thousands of pounds in some instances by cutting out the wholesalers and retailers hefty margins.

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