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A New Design Coming Soon

Posted by William Dicks on

It's been an interesting couple of weeks leading up to Chinese New Year which has now started with them having 2 weeks holiday season from today.

Cindy Kang & Massiom Sing of the BIL team in China get to put their feet up, whilst Frank Tian one of our senior designers as well as factory owner has been working hard of late as I presented him with a new design idea of mine.

It's one of my favourite sectors of the business bringing new fresh designs to market and I do hope you like it!

Now that we have completed the collection, which is between 6-12 months of work to put in place from initial drawing stage to setting up final production line, it shouldn't be too long before its uploaded to our web store to be ordered by it's first customers. I hope you like it, there's just one last thing to do and create a name for the collection. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them so please email me to them. If I select your name you will of course receive a free bedroom suite in return.


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