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6 Christmassy accessories to get you in the festive spirit

Posted by Paul Zhang on

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means it’s perfectly acceptable to turn your home into a winter wonderland. Whether you’re into more subtle decorations and subdued shades, or you love ostentatious displays and bold colours, there is something to please everyone this time of the year. We’ve put together a list of 6 of our favourite accessories to get you in the festive spirit and make your home that extra bit more Christmassy.

Merry Christmas Coir Doormat – Dunelm

Why not start by making the exterior of your home a little more festive first with this adorable doormat? Ideal for stomping your boots on after a Christmas Day walk, this doormat will let everyone that visits know you are well and truly in the mood for Christmas before they even step foot in the house. It’s perfect if you’re someone that likes a more delicate approach to decorating.

Heart And Tree Motif Duvet Set – George Home

Give your bedroom a contemporary seasonal touch with this soft cotton bedding. With a pattern of Christmas trees and pretty hearts in neutral tones, this set isn’t too garish – so it won’t keep you up at night! As the colours of this bedding are muted and subtle, it would work perfectly with our rustic oak bed frames to create a soft look. If you’re into something a bit more striking, you can find a whole range of other pieces on Direct Furniture Land to suit your tastes.

Pine Cone And Bauble Wreath – Marks & Spencer                                                                                                  

If you love the tradition of hanging a wreath on your door, but you’d love to have a dash of colour within it, this wreath may be your answer. It is a circle of pine cones, with metallic leaves, and red and blue baubles nestled amongst them. It’s certainly different to a typical wreath and would add a gorgeous festive touch to the outside of your home.

Wooden Houses Advent Calendar, Red and White – John Lewis

If typical supermarket advent calendars just don’t appeal to you, this wooden advent calendar may be up your street. It has a traditional look with bright splashes of red that is set to brighten up any room. Instead of chocolates, you could fill each day with little trinkets or hand-written letters to your family or loved ones.

3D Joy Christmas Hanging Sign – Matalan

This is a very traditional decoration that can be used in the home or on the front door instead of a wreath. With quite an earthy palette of brown, dark red and green, this sign isn’t too overpowering colour-wise, so can fit into most colour schemes. The faux wreath in the centre also adds some interesting texture, so it’s very beautiful to look at.

Merry Christmas Cushion – Next Home

An easy way to accessorise your home this season is with cushions that you can scatter on a sofa, armchair or bed. This cushion has a fairly neutral coloured background with a bright, Christmassy slogan across the front. It’s a great piece to add a little pop of colour to your home while bringing some extra comfort to the space. Mixed with other cushions in different colours and textures or used alone, you can create quite a statement with this piece.

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