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We are Direct Furniture Land , we are not a normal "retailer" although of course we do offer you furniture, we are the direct manufacturer that has supplied UK retail groups, high street retailers, Internet retailers, furniture wholesalers for over 30 years from our manufacturing operations. Now we also allow the public to trade with us too and purchase directly from source at direct prices which enables you the end consumer to save hundreds to thousands of pounds off the price of your furniture by purchasing at trade price direct from the factory.

The prices you see on our site in red are the current genuine High Street retail prices for the exact same item you will receive from ourselves, we can sell at the prices we do because of the above and below explanations.

We know the high street gives consumers a raw deal because we see and deal in the price between the producing factory and the retailer. That's because everyone along the way takes a cut, from wholesalers, agents to retailers. And you, the end consumer, pay for that cut. So by dealing directly with us and the manufacturing factory you can beat those high street prices and purchase at the price they pay at trade price.  Here's how we do it differently to ensure you get direct trade prices.

No physical stores. No middlemen. We're just a passionate established manufacturing factory of many years who also now allow the public to buy directly from the producing factory at direct prices. All the furniture ranges you see on our website are available to view in the high street in over 2,000 furniture stores ranging from department stores to Independent furniture one store retailers. The service we provide allows you to go along into stores view the furniture and come back to our website and place your order requirements at the trade price cutting out both wholesalers and retailers added margins.

Without the middlemen of wholesalers and retailers you are dealing directly with our factory, saving you up to 100 %+ off prices at leading retailers – based on current market high street prices on exactly the same products and collections.

We supply the furniture collections directly to your home and employ the best craftsmen to build them - the same people who make products for top high street brands. All stocks are checked pre shipping to ensure they are of the highest possible quality, they are packed in their cartons and shipped to the UK, the next time they are opened are in your home.


Select your products and order them directly from the factory at direct price. The more you buy the more you save. It's very simple, there's no need to put profits in a retailers pocket, simply order at our direct price from the factory!

If you have any further questions feel free at anytime to email us at

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