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New Oak wardrobe built ( note it's 100% solid oak back) and awaiting final smooth natural laquer finish.

Front view of unfinished wardrobe

Internal view and of course as you can see 100% solid oak throughout.



And the finished article ready for packing!


New Oak 4 over 3 chest of drawers built and awaiting finishing.

As always a complete 100% solid oak back to the unit!


And again the finished article ready for packing & shipping!


We only build and supply furniture of the highest quality so as you see despite the very low direct prices from the factory the furniture build is still exceptional. The low prices are simply because you are ordering directly from source and not because quality has been compromised.

Here are a few more images of items going through production.

 Extending table awaiting its final coat finish.


Finished Bed


Finished Sideboard


Lovely thick solid oak tables


And it goes without saying pure quality in the New Oak range see's all drawer bases 100% solid oak and dovetail jointed.


Ordering directly from the factory always ensures you the finest quality at the direct factory price!


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