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Quality Of New Oak Range

The most important part of purchasing oak furniture is ensuring that you purchase a range of furniture that is built to quality and is 100% solid oak. Thus ensuring that you purchase furniture that is built to last a lifetime.

In today's market there are many variations of different qualities of oak furniture, unfortunately much seen in today's market place are of lesser specification whilst being advertised as oak furniture. This see's units made internally of pine, and many veneers which detract from a quality built oak unit. Also they use lesser grade timbers.

The reason many retailers offer these lesser built products is to fool the consumer into thinking they are buying a solid oak range whilst offering a tempting lower price than a real 100% solid oak range.

With our New Oak collection all units as you can see below are manufactured from Grade A American white oak and 100% solid oak throughout.

Drawers Fully dovetail jointed, whilst notice the drawer box itself is 100% solid oak.

All drawer bases again 100% solid oak.

All backs to every unit again 100% solid oak.

It's very important to ensure when purchasing any range of oak furniture that you actually check what you are thinking of purchasing, always check the back of the unit is actually oak, check the drawer bases are actually oak as well as the drawer box and also the drawer runners. These area's are important to purchasing quality oak furniture.

Naturally all these area's are fully covered with our New Oak collection which has been the key to it's success over the last ten years and now you can make fantastic savings by ordering it directly from us direct from the factory.

And here are some quality pictures of our top quality tables.



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