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Where To View Our Ranges?

Whilst we give you the full opportunity to purchase directly from our factory and ensuring you all the price saving advantages that come with it, we understand that some people although we demonstrate the pure qualities of the product well on our website in the quality sections still would like to see the furniture on display before ordering.

As mentioned our ranges have probably been the most successful solid oak ranges on the market for the last 10 years meaning that it's on hundreds of shop floors across the UK.

We know where all these locations are.

If you would like to know a location where you can go and view our ranges and see all their qualities please send us the form below and we can direct you where to go and look, so you can see the ranges and then come back to us and order directly from our factory and obtaining the vast savings on offer.

We look forward to hearing from you at


Please fill in and send below.





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