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Why Are We Different?

Our unique service allows you to order your requirements directly from the factory. This ensures that you make genuine savings of 100%+ off high street prices bypassing the standard high street retailer and their added high margins. Simply the more you buy, the more you save. We simply offer you the full opportunity to order your requirements directly from the factory ensuring the lowest price possible and large savings to match.


Direct From Factory
Your furniture is ordered directly from the manufacturer

Direct Delivery
Your furniture is delivered to you directly from the factory avoiding all the additional added margins added by the furniture retailer


Save Money
You save 100% off high street retailers prices, the more you buy the more you save! which can result in saved hundreds or thousands of pounds


Unique Service
We are the only business in the UK that orders your furniture for you, delivering it directly from the production line with vast savings


By-passing Retailers
Retailers add large margins to furniture, our unique service allows you to bypass them totally and order directly from source


Not only do you make savings by ordering directly from the factory, you also obtain 100% solid oak product manufactured to the highest qualities built to last a life time



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